What is the Cox Flexion Distraction Technique?

The Cox Flexion Distraction Technique is a safe, gentle, non-force, process performed on a specifically design table that moves with the pressure applied by the chiropractic professional’s hands - but does it work? About the Cox Flexion Distraction Treatment This procedure has been shown in multiple studies to help individuals with brief and [...]

What is the Cox Flexion Distraction Technique?2021-08-31T13:56:32+00:00

Five Reasons to See a Chiropractor

Many people face discomfort and pain every day. Some turn to pain killers, others try different natural remedies, and some seek out chiropractic services. There are many reasons that one would come to visit a chiropractor. The following are a few of the top reasons: Stress When the spine is not properly aligned, [...]

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How To Choose A Great Chiropractor

With so many options available, it may be difficult to determine who will be the best fit for your needs. When it comes to chiropractors, it’s an especially important decision. We’ve come up with a list of things to consider when searching for a chiropractor to give you a little more insight and peace of [...]

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Need an Adjustment After Snow Shoveling?

Back feeling a little under the weather after the most recent snowfall? Are you now dreading the next snow-laden forecast? We understand, and so do millions of other Americans. Without the proper tools and mindset, shoveling yourself out can be a very difficult and exasperating task. With some areas getting blindsided by unexpected squalls, let’s [...]

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Cheers to the New Year!

With the new year here, we have so many reasons to feel grateful. Even with all the challenges of last year.   At the very top of the list is you! Whether you have been a client or a friend of our business, we thank you! We would like to showcase some very special clients [...]

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Can Chiropractic Care Help With Weight Loss? 🩺

Humans naturally fluctuate with our weight; whether it’s stress, the time of year, natural occurrences in the body, and more. Currently, there are quite a few of us who have had our fitness routine affected because of the recent events. Getting the weight off can seem like a struggle sometimes, especially when it feels [...]

Can Chiropractic Care Help With Weight Loss? 🩺2021-02-23T15:59:18+00:00

5 Pregnancy Conditions Your Chiropractor Can Help With

In our last blog, we discussed the safety of visiting a chiropractor while being pregnant. Now it’s time to discuss some of the most common conditions during pregnancy and how a visit to your chiropractor can help. Women’s bodies are designed to move and grow with the baby they’re carrying. However, that doesn’t mean [...]

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Why You May Need A CDL

Having a CDL opens a whole new world of large equipment operation. While typically you put 18-wheeler trucks and CDL’s together, these specialized licenses are often used for other equipment as well. From buses, to box trucks, to fire trucks, and more, having a CDL is essential. To operate and even own these vehicles, [...]

Why You May Need A CDL2021-02-23T15:59:18+00:00
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