Can Chiropractic Care Help With Weight Loss? 🩺

Humans naturally fluctuate with our weight; whether it’s stress, the time of year, natural occurrences in the body, and more. Currently, there are quite a few of us who have had our fitness routine affected because of the recent events. Getting the weight off can seem like a struggle sometimes, especially when it feels like you’re giving it everything you have without seeing any results. At Gilroy Family Chiropractic, we understand how frustrating the struggle might be. Here are just a few ways of how visiting a chiropractor can assist with your weight loss journey.

Please note: These suggestions are to help AID with weight loss and it’s not a guarantee it will work for everyone. Please consult your doctor for additional information on an appropriate personalized weight loss plan.

  • Relieves Pain: One of the biggest issues with working out, especially if you’re starting out, is the pain from the muscles and tendons being used. It can be extremely uncomfortable and delay your progress due to chronic pain or limiting your range of motion; not just for the exercises, but daily activities as well. Regular visits to the chiropractor can help massage out and relieve that pain so you can continue exercising.
  • Tones Muscles: Loose tissue can hold onto fat cells making it difficult to tone the muscles underneath. Chiropractor visits can help break up some of the excess tissue making it easier to tone up the muscles during regular workouts.
  • Relieve Pain from Medication Weight: There are some pain medications that unfortunately are the cause of weight gain. That increase in weight ironically can cause even more pain, especially if in the lower back and hips. Visiting the chiropractor can not only help relieve the pain from the sudden weight gain but the chronic pain as well. In some cases, you might be able to decrease the amount of medication you’re taking as a result making it easier to lose weight.
    Please do not stop taking any medications without consulting your doctor first.
  • Lower Stress Levels: Weight loss is in direct connection with stress whether it’s stress eating, not feeling up to a consistent fitness routine, etc. Regular chiropractic visits help relieve tension that you’re holding onto in your neck and shoulders, especially in the cervical spine. This relief can help regulate moods and help with headaches.
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