Complete Your 2023 CDL/DOT Physical at Gilroy

Looking to start a new career? You may need to complete a DOT physical before you may begin. And for those who have already gotten theirs taken care of, yours may be expiring soon, as DOT physical exams last for 24 months. So for your next DOT/CDL physical, come to Gilroy Family Chiropractic! A medical examiner will initiate your exam before going over any possible hazards that may be present due to past health or a current medical condition. These will be recorded by your examiner on the DOT form, which will then decide if you are able to receive a medical certificate.

How Long Does My CDL/DOT Physical Last?

As noted before, your certificate will last 2 years if you do receive it and are in no need of periodic medical monitoring. There are some instances, however, where the examiner will issue a certificate that lasts for less time. It could be three, six, or 12 months. If you are required to wear corrective lenses or a hearing aid, that will be included by the examiner.

How To Choose A Great Chiropractor

When Can I Complete My CDL/DOT Physical?

DOT physical exams are available on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday by appointment and cost $100. Dr. Gilroy can travel to perform these exams, but there would need to be a minimum of four driver physicals needed.

If you are interested in completing your next CDL/DOT physical with Gilroy Family Chiropractic, make sure you have the following with you at your appointment:

  • Your current driver’s license
  • Your current CDL/DOT medical certificate
  • If you wear them for driving, glasses
  • Hearing aid
  • List of current medications
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