Need an Adjustment After Snow Shoveling?

Back feeling a little under the weather after the most recent snowfall? Are you now dreading the next snow-laden forecast? We understand, and so do millions of other Americans. Without the proper tools and mindset, shoveling yourself out can be a very difficult and exasperating task. With some areas getting blindsided by unexpected squalls, let’s talk about some ways to deal with that next impending snowstorm.

Warm-up –
Stuck inside after months of quarantining and social distancing has led many Americans to become stiffer and a little less mobile than in recent years. This can lead the unexpected accumulation of snow to be more of a workout than we had hoped for. Do some stretches and some basic calisthenics before you conquer the winter weather.

Proper form –
Never lift with the back, even if there is a finite amount of snow on the ground. Going against a human’s natural range of motion can cause painful tears and strains. A little mindfulness can avoid these injuries. Push the snow rather than lift the snow. If you have to lift the snow, use your legs as much as possible and don’t twist. Remember to go through the motions slowly and deliberately. Keeping the right frame of mind and not getting exhausted will keep you consistent and free from injury.

Proper tools –
Depending on your physical ability, purchase joint stabilizers, warm clothing, and snow removal equipment. Being prepared for the situation is the first step in avoiding injury.
At Gilroy Family Chiropractic, we understand that even with the highest level of preparation, injury can still happen. We also understand the perils of a large snowfall in these less than active times now more than ever. If you have experienced a minor injury and are dealing with some form of discomfort, please contact us. We respect your desire for normalcy. It is our mission to provide you with that normalcy, and sometimes it is just an adjustment away. Follow these safety tips for all upcoming storms and be sure to check in with us by subscribing to our mailing list and visiting our website. Thank you for reading this blog and stay safe out there!

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